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Control AST Glucometer kit

With Lifetime warranty 

This product is Manufactured by Osang Healthcare in Korea for US DIAGNOSTICS Inc., in New York, USA and distributed in Sri Lanka by DN medical.By purchasing this product on the "Youkey" website you will have the opportunity to purchase this product at the best and lowest prices in Sri Lanka.

Benefit & Special Features of this Product 

  • 25 strips FREE 

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Easy to use 

  • Highly Accurate and Consistent

  • Alternate site testing (AST) 

  • most accurate and consistent,

  • needs a tiny drop of blood ( 1 uL) - means less pain,

  • Bio-sensor Technology (provides very accurate results), 

  • Capillary action ( automatically draws blood into the strip), 

  • fast results (in just 5 seconds),

  • 7-90 days averaging, 250 test memory ,

  • 10 - 600 result range Battery life - 5000 tests,

  • Auto shutoff in 3 minutes,

    Easy to use

    You can easily measure your own blood sugar. It is a small device that is very easy to use. You will also receive a step-by-step information leaflet on how to perform the test.

    Alternate site testing (AST) 

    AST (Alternate Site Testing) means using a part of the body other than the fingertips to obtain blood for blood sugar testing. This may include taking a blood sample from anywhere other than the fingertips, including the palm, the upper forearm, the abdomen, the calf and the thigh.

    However, the fingertips also have nerves at the end and are therefore sensitive. Many people with diabetes prefer to have their blood drawn elsewhere instead of at their fingertips. This method is especially beneficial for people who work with computers and using their fingertips.

    Bio-sensor Technology (provides very accurate results)

    A biosensor is an analytical device used to detect a chemical substance, which integrates a biological component with a physico-chemical detector. This device uses the technology of even the above types of devices very subtly to give you more accurate data.

    Capillary action ( automatically draws blood into the strip)

    Capillary action is the process of a liquid flowing in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity. This method allows the blood to be inserted into the strip very easily

    7-90 days averaging, 250 test memory

    This device has the ability to store data on tests performed over a period of 7 to 90 days. This allows you to better monitor changes in your blood sugar level

    needs a tiny drop of blood ( 1 uL) - means less pain

    This device does not require blood transfusions as in normal laboratory tests. A very small drop of blood is sufficient. Therefore, the pain and discomfort of receiving blood can be avoided by this

    fast results (in just 5 seconds)

    This device can provide very accurate information very quickly so treatment can be speeded up


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Samantha Kumara on Jul 16, 2021

Good product, good price, good service.